Last Lynx – Ocean Reels EP [Stockholm, SE]

Electronic / Indie pop

Sweden’s indie pop band Last Lynx is back at it again. I think it’s safe to say that anything they release is guaranteed to be amazing. Looks like their place as one of my favorite bands this year is pretty secure. There’s not much to say about their new EP Ocean Reels. I’m just in a state of perpetual ecstasy as I put their tracks on eternal repeat, and wallow in self loathing as I convince myself that buying that 64GB iPod was absolutely necessary. (Yes Owl City, I will get to your bonus tracks some day even though they all sound pretty much the same.) Yes it’s become an unhealthy tradition every time Last Lynx releases new material.

The whole EP’s posted below with 4 previously unreleased tracks (5 If you haven’t heard Luminous Blue yet) and 2 awesome remixes thrown in as well. Killing Switch still remains my favorite, but followed closely by Late Disco and The Great Water Sequel. Overall the whole EP has maintained an extremely high quality throughout. I don’t think the album’s out for sale yet at most places, so stream it below or at their soundcloud over here. Don’t forget to show them lots of support.


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