Jiggabits (Lolly Dormido) – Buried In The Ground / We Got So High [San Francisco, US]

Electronic / Synth-Pop / Soul / Psychedelic


Apparently that’s her underneath a tree.

San-Francisco based singer/electronic producer Jiggabits is without doubt a creature of intrigue. Quoting her soundcloud “Born from a tamagotchi egg and crossing dimensions in 1996, jiggabits mixes her love for technology and music producing a sound that’s not quite electronic pop, not quite bedroom soul.” Her music consists of  powerful synth melodies, syncopated electric bass lines and  eccentricities aside; she’s got a stunning voice. Take the vocals alone and I’d say she’s a music major mixed with a bit of psychedelic.

Check out her single Buried In The Ground below. Pure chronic.

Here’s the video for her single We Got So High. Some pretty trippy stuff.

If you like what you’ve heard so far, show her some love at her website here, where she’s giving out free downloads till 20th April.  Alternatively, support her at just about any other social music media, she’s pretty much omnipotent.


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