Crywolf (Justin Phillips) – Ghosts EP [Denver, US]

Dubstep / Electronic / Indie 

Crywolf is the music project of Jutin Taylor Phillips, an electronic music producer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist. I’ve been waiting forever to write about him but when his new EP Ghosts dropped, I figured it was about time. The most significant trait  of his music I’d have to say would be the mind-numbing suspense. Putting his music into a film context would be like that alluring saxophone in a mafia flick before all the immaculately black suited men rush out with their tommy guns. He’ll often create a delicate ballad with soothing vocals backed up by a piano and strong yet steady beats before jumping into a controlled yet sporadic electro spasm. Personally, his musical panache is already on par with the likes of Zedd or even Skrillex who he’s so often compared to. Having followed him for quite a while, he’s demonstrated exemplary growth since 2 years ago when he released all the part 1 tracks which I couldn’t help but feel was incomplete. But now, well listen for yourself.
Check him out at his soundcloud here, he’s also got an arsenal of badass remixes to boot.

Below’s his recent Ghosts EP along with a bunch of my favorites thrown in for good measure.


2 thoughts on “Crywolf (Justin Phillips) – Ghosts EP [Denver, US]

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