Nonaphoenix – Go [Cleveland, US]

Indie Folk / Acoustic / Folk Pop

Nonaphoenix is the solo project of Jakub Andrew who happens to be an artist of many talents and many names. He is the lead singer and guitarist of Heyhihello as well as remix artist ARCHR. Now that we’ve established that he’s pretty versatile, here’s what he’s up to now. Since embarking on the project of Nonaphoenix, he’s been doing justice in the folk pop department releasing single after single. His tracks are generally pretty simple with his vocals being backed by drums, an acoustic guitar and sometimes even a banjo. If you’re looking to get in a light-hearted and cheerful mood this is the stuff that’ll get you going. Fans of Wild Child and Beatie Wolfe will definitely appreciate him.
Show him some love at his bandcamp here.
If you’re interested in his remixes you’ll find them at his soundcloud here.


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