4TrakZ – Very Short Stories [Lyon, FR]

Electronic / Experimental / Funk / Disco

When Golden Katana Records first approached me yesterday regarding their collaboration with 4TrackZ, I was delighted at the aspect of being included in this project. The Lyon-based record company is a nonprofit organisation operating much like any other label other than the distinction that their artists donate their profits to a genetic disease research foundation. What’s better than good music that’s guilt-free? Learn more about them and support the cause at their website here.

4TrakZ 2012

Producer by day, RoboCop by night.

It’s been 4 years since French producer 4TrakZ last released an album, and he’s back this time with a completely different and extremely individualised approach. The aim of this LP is pretty much in it’s name. The album’s goal is to give its listeners a “quick-date” with several different emotions through its bite-sized but in no way light weight tracks. The tracks vary from minimalistic to sensitive and at times almost bleak. It creates a soundscape for the listener to personally interpret and decide what it depicts for them. Truly an innovative and interactive approach to storytelling. It’s simply amazing the amount of growth this producer has achieved through these 4 years and I can’t wait to see how far he’ll go.

Personally, I would piece parts of the LP flawlessly with a Sci-Fi film or maybe even an anti-utopian allegory. The musical experience is pretty much reminiscent of those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. (remember those?) But again, if you’re not into that sorta stuff, it’d make great night driving music as well. It’d fit nicely with a playlist of Holy Ghost!, Gorillaz, and possibly the whole soundtrack of Drive. (let’s face it, that film was magical)
Check out the entire LP below. I recommend listening to it in its given order, it’s more illustrative that way.

If you prefer some of his old stuff that’s got more of a disco-vibe to it check out his 2009 EP Le Frère Lumière Episode 1 over here. If you like what you’ve heard so far, show him some love and don’t forget to purchase the new album at the iTunes store here. Remember 100% of the sales goes to genetic disease foundations. (Before you judge, it’s not selling out if it’s non-profit!)

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