MØ (Karen Marie Ørsted) – Pilgrim / Glass [Copenhagen, DE]

Synth Pop / Experimental / Electronic Soul

I’ve written up these exact 2 tracks before but now that the music videos are up my obsession for her is renewed all over again.
There’s something about her that’s just, so intriguing. Almost in a Claire Boucher sort of way. Except much more natural. Let’s say if Claire Boucher’s affiliated to a magical creature like a unicorn, ‘d be a Narwhal. Whales with horns man, it’s -pretty funky but mother nature made’em.
Go check her out at her Facebook or Soundcloud. Can’t wait for her debut album to drop!

It doesn’t take fancy words to express the goal of a musician, her expression at the 10 second mark simply says it all.

Yep, that sure hit the spot.

Just gotta have the last word, dontcha?

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