Of Rust & Bone – Next To You [London, UK]

Acoustic / Indie 

With about 20 likes on facebook and 3 followers on soundcloud, Of Rust & Bone is definitely a newcomer and one that’s keeping very well below the radar too. But if anything it only makes them/him more intriguing. Having only one track to go on, it’s hard to say. But with immaculate vocals like that, this guy’s on to big things. I can’t help but notice that he sounds almost like a male version of Daughter, which believe me is a massive compliment on my part. I’d have to say he’s a lot more intense and much more emotive though. All in all, I can’t wait to hear more.

Show the newcomer some support at the soundcloud page here and wait around for news of his debut EP.


The Neighbourhood – I Love You [California, US]

Indie Rock / Alternative / R&B

Californian based mysterious quintet The Neighbourhood has been one of my many obsessions for a little bit more than a year now. And I’ve had their recent album I Love You in my iTunes library for quite some time. However, since it’s not really out there and available for sharing, it’s been pretty much cooped up there. Damn it’s been difficult keeping it to myself. This is probably one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long while. With a consistent quality throughout, it’s not one of those albums where you pick your top three and toss the rest. Other than the tracks that we’ve already introduced on this blog a few months back from their previous free EP I’m Sorry, the new album has 8 new tracks that do not pale in comparison at all. Their music is a blend of R&B, indie rock, at times hip-hop and alternative all wrapped together in noir-esque atmosphere. To be honest, with the seductive and extremely versatile vocals of Jesse Rutherford, there are no mistakes to be made. It’s all smooth, sexy and secret society with this group.
Listen and brag before they get swallowed by the mainstream!

I don’t usually do this but since it’s not up on soundcloud or bandcamp, so here’s the full album on youtube. It’s a bit of a hassle but it’s definitely worth it. W.D.Y.W.F.M and Flawless are my favorites from the ones we haven’t heard before.

Learn more about them at their facebook page here, and get the new album via iTunes store here.

SPEAK – Peaks [Austin, US]

Experimental / Indie Rock / Alternative Pop

It’s been about 2 years since we’ve last heard from Austin based quartet SPEAK and well, in a nutshell, they’ve definitely still got it. From a band that’s been around since 2008, it’s a pleasant surprise to see them still experimenting with different genres instead of staying in their comfort zone. It’s gonna be hard to relate this band to any other musical act out there, their music is fresh and experimental not so much in genre but in its nature. Let’s hope after their 2 year long withdrawal, they’ve got a lot more pent up brilliance to share.

Hit them up at their soundcloud here for a free download of the single.

Young Wonder – Electrified / To You [Cork, IE]

Electronic / Pop / Experimental

I first heard Irish electronic duo Young Wonder about a year back with their single Orange and I was pretty interested. Not a fan but just intrigued. Since then, they’ve been hard at work releasing track after track, and progressively sculpting a sound of their own. And as of 6th May their debut EP Show Your Teeth will finally be dropping. Their sound is often compared to that of Purity Ring but I’d have to say less experimental and more of a circumspect pop appeal. Music like this is hard to describe with words, check it out below for yourself.

If you like what you’ve heard, follow them at their soundcloud here and be sure to get their new EP when it’s released.

This must’ve been quite a substantial kitty.

Daughter – Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) [London, UK]

Downtempo / Acoustic / Folktronica

Anybody else sick of all that hoo-ha over Daft Punk and RAM and specifically Get Lucky yet? Well it’s hard not to be, with rumours, leaks, and edits of their tunes gushing all over the place. I’d hardly be exaggerating to say that the search for music has been pretty much plastered with the helmet-clad duo’s footsteps lingering at every corner. But nevertheless, their talent and their music is undeniable, and the hype; unavoidable. So keeping that in mind, my favorite London based indie folk trio Daughter has taken it in their stride to give us a palette cleanser. Performed on BBC Radio’s live lounge, the trio has taken the funky and uplifting track and smothered it with a forbidding shade of downtempo minimalistic folktronica. I wouldn’t say this is one of their best tracks or covers by a long shot, but it’s definitely a refreshing break from all the pent-up hype. Haven’t heard anything much like this since Chet Faker’s chilled-out take on Black Street’s No Diggity.

You’ll definitely find more Daughter on this blog soon enough but if you’re adventurous enough, check them out at their soundcloud here.