Alice Jemima – Nightcall (Kavinsky Cover) [Devon, UK]

Acoustic / Indie

Alice Jemima

Remember that night you had that wet dream about Ryan Gosling after watching that awesome movie about that stunt driver? Remember the awesome soundtrack? Yeah, we’re talking about the film Drive and it’s track Nightcall by French electro-pop artist Kavinsky which made such a riot about a year back. After going through tons of remixes, covers, and rearrangements I thought the hype was over but 19 year old singer / songwriter Alice Jemima came a bit late for movie night and just like the rest of us loved the track.

When I first heard that a year later there were still new acoustic covers for the synth-fused track I found it pretty ambitious but it sure got me curious. Alice Jemima dissolves all the fanciful bleeps and blops of the original and replaces it with the earthy acoustics of her guitar. Her vocals are sincere and intense bringing a whole new almost heartfelt mood to the track. Haven’t heard much of her but vocals like hers are rare to find so definitely go show her some support at her soundcloud here.

Threw in a few of my favorites from her as well, her voice gets pretty contagious!

If you’ve yet to hear the original you’ve definitely been missing out. This is still one of my all-time favorites and is simply perfect for fading into the night.

If you’ve yet to watch the film go do it now. Do it for Ryan Gosling? No but for real it’s amazing and I really mean it, you don’t even have to be a hipster to love it! The rest of the soundtrack’s just sublime as well.


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