RAC – Lovefool ft. Liz Anjos (The Cardigans Cover) [Portland, US]

Electronic / Pop / Funk

No cardigans? Is this 90’s irony?

When I first saw RAC releasing another track, I was ready for just another killer remix. But wow was I not ready to be brought back to the 90’s. The title seemed familiar enough but only when I hit the 47 second mark did it hit me and by then I was already singing along. At least, y’know the love me part. Let’s face it no one knows the rest of the lyrics.

As if the track wasn’t catchy enough to begin with this remix has added a fresh and funky atmosphere bringing it to a whole new level of contagious. The vocals by RAC’s André Alan Anjos wife Liz Anjos is simply angelic and as it turns out, does not shame the original at all.

Anyways this track was released to celebrate 30,000 fans on Facebook, so it’s late but not too late to jump on the wagon.
Follow them at their Soundcloud here.

Click play and get your boogie on !


Just gotta have the last word, dontcha?

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