Rhye – Woman [Los Angeles, US]

Indie / Downtempo / Synth

Until recently, the group has been somewhat of a mystery but since the release of debut album Woman, much of Rhye has been disclosed. Los Angeles based duo consists of  Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal hailing from Toronto and Copenhagen respectively. Both are extremely talented multi instrumentalists and producers who have been making their own music for quite some time before they started working together a year ago. It’s customary to find producers and instrumentalists working with vocalists, and in this duo, Mike Milosh also serves this purpose. Throughout the album the duo’s music takes on a sultry and seductive approach but in no way is this approach vulgar. If anything, the album brings us on a minimalistic journey with subtle sexual nuances. With silky instrumentals and wispy vocals, the duo successfully captures the fragility of love and transience in the making of it. Woman features harps, saxophones, pianos, guitars complimented elegantly by simple synth beats.

Check out the soundcloud page here.  Damn these guys are good.

Here’s the video for Open. Simple, Erotic and Beautiful.

P.S.: Any lip-readers out there? I’d really love to know what they’re whispering!

Just gotta have the last word, dontcha?

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