Lorde – The Love Club [Mt Eden North, NZ]

Indie / Soul / Electronic

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Only image I could find, I swear.

16 year old songstress Lorde is definitely one of the up and coming. At first I was quite skeptical when I heard her described as thenext possible “buzz of 2013”. I just figured she’d be another teenager sculpted for stardom, rise rapidly to popularity then go through puberty and adapt a voice much like a horse then fall far below prior severely-inflated expectations. (wink wink JB) After a taste of her debut EP The Love Club she definitely holds quite a powerful voice and presence for a musician her age. Even though her vocals can have a fairytale-esque texture to it, she does seem to hold future promise of badassery much like that of M.I.A. listen to Royals and you’ll get what I mean. Her voice accompanied with edgy yet minimal beats are the real catch though. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for her in the years to come. She might really be the new buzz, and if she is; start following her now!

Head over to her soundcloud here and download her whole debut EP for free!


One thought on “Lorde – The Love Club [Mt Eden North, NZ]

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