AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies [London, UK]


Ebony & Ivory, yum yumm.

Electronic / Pop

Remember that english electronic duo featured a while back over here? Well they’re back with the promise of a new album release in march called Body Music. In case you’re in a rush to accuse them of empty promises they’ve dropped a new teaser as well to keep their fan base preheated before the actual album drops. As usual their new track Attracting Flies features smooth electric vocals from Aluna Francis being well complimented with talented beat-maker/producer George Reid’s psychedelic beats.  It seems like they’ve found a unwavering recipe for success and nothing’s about to stop them from an extremely promising album release in hopefully a few weeks. Now that you know, don’t forget to keep a tight watch on them at their soundcloud page here. Below’s the updated list of my favorites up till now.


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