Kesiena – Love is all I have [Nigeria, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin]

Pscyhedelic / Rock / Soul

Kesiena“, literally “Finally, it has arrived” in his native language of Urhobos. Kesiana is finally releasing his first studio album “It was all written” today. He’s been traveling around between his homeland of Africa and Europe for over 15 years now, definitely one of those people you can’t pin one geographic location to. Don’t we all wish we had been to that many cool places…

I’ve only heard a handful of his songs since the album’s only coming out today, but I’d say his music is pretty diverse, with a little bit of psychedelic, a handful of rock and a generous helping of soul. I’ll let his music do the talking; here’s a track off his new album:

Love is all I have (Official Video)

Along with some slightly older pieces that I dug around for:
Life Train (acoustic)

“Come on everybody, get on the right train, on the life train”

You may not be the one (Live)
So insanely chilled out.


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