f y f e – St Tropez [London, UK]

f y f e is back!


Remember that anonymous singer with no background, no face and with nothing but one kick ass track to back him up? Well now he’s got two. Don’t worry if you’ve missed his first track Solace, we’ll post it along with his new track St Tropez as well. After racking up tons of attention from his first track, his second track got 11K views within 48 hours. Expect to hear lots of him on the radio soon enough, especially when his new EP drops.

Yeah hipsters, turn around and walk, mainstream’s taking this one!

Anyways the track’s amazing, even better than the first one if you ask me. He’s definitely showing improvements if that’s even possible. Even though the lyrics aren’t as well, poetic as the first. This is definitely the sorta track you’d like to listen when you’re ready to jump in bed and get hot and sweaty. Or when you’re scrapbook making. or fly fishing. Yea. I’m never taking this off repeat.

No exaggeration this guy’s definitely one of the most talented and promising new artists there’re around. The track’s below, and his soundcloud’s here. Wanna tell your friends in a few months time that you listened to him before he was cool? Wanna get all “I told you so” up in their asses? Well don’t stutter, jump on the fyfewagon before it leaves!


P.S.: For those of you who saw the album art for his first track Solace and now this track, anybody else notice that his head’s slowly turning around? Maybe by the third track he’ll be full revealed? Oh what a tease,,, SO GYAHHHH STOKED!

Here’s the first track’s album art. Oh so very very sneaky. avatars-000030033336-rvsbu0-t200x200


Just gotta have the last word, dontcha?

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