Phoenix – Entertainment [Vesailles, FR]

No this is not another remix of Lisztomania or another cover of 1901 (Not that we could ever have enough of those). After their monster of an album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix released in 2009, the four piece alternative rock and indie pop band disappeared in a fog of success. After a four year wait, Phoenix finally releases a new track. And despite all the build-up, it doesn’t disappoint. It’s exactly what you’d expect from them. It’s as if they’ve never been away at all. The new track’s just as upbeat and catchy as they’ve always been.

Their new album Bankrupt! has been rumoured to be under production since 2011 and will finally be dropping in April! This year may have started slow but it appears it’ll be a big year for music after all! 😀

I’ve been completely obsessed about these guys since United back in 2000 and they’ve prettty much opened my eyes to indie pop. Follow them at their website here.

Below is the new track and just a few of my other favorite tracks, covers and mixes thrown in for good measure. 


Just gotta have the last word, dontcha?

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