Flight Facilities – "1972-1982" [Sydney, New South Wales, Australia]

Another pair of indie elctro DJ’s from Australia! Seems like that’s pretty much the status quo nowadays isn’t it? The DJ duo performing as Hugo & Jimmy have been around since 2009 beginning by mixing songs by other artists and only about a year ago have started writing originals such as Crave You and Foreign Language. However, this is all old news.

Flight Facilities has agreed to be the Triple J Mix Up EXCLUSIVES for october. So what’s required of them? 4 mixes, each an hour long. Sound’s pretty conventional? Well they’ve decided to bring some novelty to it.

They’ve decided to make 4 decades of music, chronologically arranged, each set representing 10 years. If you’d like to know more about the excruciating effort put into it follow them at their blog here. I think it goes without saying that their passion for music is apparent and their talent, stunning. This project goes beyond music and serves as a piece of education clearly showing how music has accompanied the progress of mankind throughout the decades.

Without further ado here’s the first decade for both your listening and your novelty pleasure. I’ll post up the rest once they’re out!

Try to spot all the original songs, major events happening at the time, other modern song samples and style of music as time progresses. This, is the mix for the true music aficionado!

“HINT: Download the mix and put it on your iPod (or watch your iTunes artwork box) for the full experience.”

01. Stevie Wonder – Superstition

02. Al Green – Let’s Stay Together (Edwin Bautista Edit)

03. Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side (Rocco Raimundo Extended Edit) by Rocco Raimundo

04. Paul Simon – Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard (AutoRock Edit)

05. Kool & The Gang – Jungle Boogie

06. Mindless Boogie – Tina (Villa Edit)

07. George McCrae – Rock Your Baby

08. The O’Jays -For The Love Of Money

09. David Bowie – Golden Years (Tim Fuchs Edit) by T i M ??? ƒ U C H S/

10. Paul McCartney & Wings – Listen To What The Man Said

11. A Fifth Of Beethoven (Flight Facilities Edit) by flightfacilities

12. Ohio Player – Love Rollercoaster

13. Hot Chocolate – Cadillac (The Revenge Rework)

14. Joe Tex – Ain’t Gonna Bump No More

15. Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It Up

16. Run Run Run Awaaaaay (Drop Out Orchestra Rework) by Drop Out Orchestra

17. Donna Summer – I Feel Love

18. Meco – Star Wars

19. East Coast – The Rock

20. Sylvester – Mighty Real

21. Eddie Johns – More Spell On You

22. George Duke – I Love You More

23. ABBA – Voulez-Vous

24. Chicago – Street Player // Dynasty – Freak

25. Mindless Boogie – Emotional R (In Flagranti Edit)

26. Soulwax – NY Lipps

27. Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough

28. Mindless Boogie – Area 45 (Skinny Joey Edit)

29. Chaka Khan – Fate (Todd Terje Edit)

30. Bette Davis Eyes (Alexander Edit) by Alexander504

31. Sugar Hill Gang – Apache

32. Donna Sumemer – If It Hurts Just A Little

33. Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That

34. Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure

Below is the sampled track that’s heard at around 19:50. A mix of Walter Murphy’s “A Fifth Of Beethoven” from Saturday Night Fever’s disco soundtrack rearranged by Soulwax then edited by Flight Facilities. So much funk and absolutely retro.


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