Lorde – The Love Club [Mt Eden North, NZ]

Indie / Soul / Electronic

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Only image I could find, I swear.

16 year old songstress Lorde is definitely one of the up and coming. At first I was quite skeptical when I heard her described as thenext possible “buzz of 2013”. I just figured she’d be another teenager sculpted for stardom, rise rapidly to popularity then go through puberty and adapt a voice much like a horse then fall far below prior severely-inflated expectations. (wink wink JB) After a taste of her debut EP The Love Club she definitely holds quite a powerful voice and presence for a musician her age. Even though her vocals can have a fairytale-esque texture to it, she does seem to hold future promise of badassery much like that of M.I.A. listen to Royals and you’ll get what I mean. Her voice accompanied with edgy yet minimal beats are the real catch though. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for her in the years to come. She might really be the new buzz, and if she is; start following her now!

Head over to her soundcloud here and download her whole debut EP for free!


Xander The Great – Cold Skin [London, UK]

Electronic / R&B / New Wave

Anyone else thinking low budget sci-fi?

This R&B duo has been one of the up and coming musical acts to watch since the release of their single Bloodhound a few months back. And yesterday their new single Cold Skin pretty much blew me away again.The face of R&B is no longer dominated solely by musicians such as Usher, Ne-Yo and Akon. (Yes we’re talking about the era of black musicians in outrageous suits and shades) But is slowly evolving to a more diverse and intricate genre that consists of more than repetitive beats and smooth falsettos, but also includes electronic and soul. This new R&B is represented by artists such as Frank Ocean, Drake, The Weeknd, and Xander The Great. Nevertheless, very little is known about them but I’m sure that’ll be changing pretty soon. I smell a new EP coming around, follow their soundcloud here.

Check out the tracks they’ve released up till now

The XX – Fiction (Synapson Remix) [Paris, France]

Downtempo / Electronic / Indie Remixes

No this is not another remix of Angels or Chained. However, it is another track of the xx’s recent album Coexist (When’s the remix hype for this album ever going to die down?) Despite the overcrowding of these remixes out there, this certain one by French electronic duo Synapson is definitely one that stands out of the crowd. Not only does it manage to maintain the original ambient intentions of the xx, it creates a whole new chilled out sound that runs concurrently with the original instead of forcing itself into a mix like so many of the other mediocre remixes out there. With the xx’s minimal approach to music it’s perfectly understandable to feel like their tracks are practically pleading to be remixed. But if you’re gonna do it, please don’t butcher their music; compliment it. As it is in so many aspects of life, less may be more.

Check out more of Synapson’s music here.

AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies [London, UK]


Ebony & Ivory, yum yumm.

Electronic / Pop

Remember that english electronic duo featured a while back over here? Well they’re back with the promise of a new album release in march called Body Music. In case you’re in a rush to accuse them of empty promises they’ve dropped a new teaser as well to keep their fan base preheated before the actual album drops. As usual their new track Attracting Flies features smooth electric vocals from Aluna Francis being well complimented with talented beat-maker/producer George Reid’s psychedelic beats.  It seems like they’ve found a unwavering recipe for success and nothing’s about to stop them from an extremely promising album release in hopefully a few weeks. Now that you know, don’t forget to keep a tight watch on them at their soundcloud page here. Below’s the updated list of my favorites up till now.

Kesiena – Love is all I have [Nigeria, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin]

Pscyhedelic / Rock / Soul

Kesiena“, literally “Finally, it has arrived” in his native language of Urhobos. Kesiana is finally releasing his first studio album “It was all written” today. He’s been traveling around between his homeland of Africa and Europe for over 15 years now, definitely one of those people you can’t pin one geographic location to. Don’t we all wish we had been to that many cool places…

I’ve only heard a handful of his songs since the album’s only coming out today, but I’d say his music is pretty diverse, with a little bit of psychedelic, a handful of rock and a generous helping of soul. I’ll let his music do the talking; here’s a track off his new album:

Love is all I have (Official Video)

Along with some slightly older pieces that I dug around for:
Life Train (acoustic)

“Come on everybody, get on the right train, on the life train”

You may not be the one (Live)
So insanely chilled out.